Memory Making

Memory MakingAs people, we are natural storytellers and we are great consumers of stories. Every person has a story and every story is important to that person. Our firm understands this. Unfortunately, when we pass, our stories are lost. Your life’s narrative is gone and can never be told again by you. Our firm understands how important it can be to you and your loved ones you leave behind to preserve some of your story, to capture some small part of your completely unique journey through life. Your stories contain the crossroads you faced in life, and the decisions you made at those crossroads. With the help of our firm, your stories do not have to be lost. Your stories can survive you to inform and entertain the loved ones you leave behind.

We introduce to you Priceless Convos. You can give your loved ones the gift of a Priceless Convo which will allow you to leave a lasting expression of your care and love. We use a digital voice recorder to capture the sound of your voice, your stories, your wisdom and advice. We make it easy and enjoyable for you and it does not involve any homework, research, writing, or cameras. You choose from a wide range of Priceless Convos topics. Depending on your subject, you may recall adventures from your childhood, talk about family traditions, give advice about managing money, or pass along secrets for a happy and successful life. Let us help you make these memories.